In response to current market conditions, iWS has created the iWorkforce Flexible Payroll Program, designed to help companies quickly and drastically lower payroll. Current beneficiaries are saving an average of 20% on labor and deferring $1.5MM in payroll. You can download the calculator to see how much you can save here.


Contract labor and payroll financing will undoubtedly play an essential role in cost control for companies looking to survive this economic crunch. iWS is positioned to provide the following advantages:

  • Companies will defer an average of $1.2MM in working capital in 60 days

  • Monies saved in deferment can be used for additional working capital

  • Eliminate the need for workman’s comp insurance, unemployment, FICA, GL, and Healthcare for the employees

  • Contract instead of layoffs. Only keep income producing labor

  • Companies avoid unemployment payments unlike layoffs